Magic, Creativity, and Inspiration served up by The Illusionists in Chicago

On Thursday, March 12, 2015, I had the pleasure of watching live, one of the most popular magic productions of all time at The Cadillac Palace Theatre in Chicago, Illinois.  As a professional magician, I had two goals for the evening.  First, I wanted to be entertained by seven of Magic's most acclaimed performers.  Second, I wanted to be inspired to increase the entertainment value of my own performances.

The show opened with a bang!  Kevin James, Adam Trent, Yu Ho-Jin, Jeff Hobson, Dan Sperry, Aaron Crow, and Andrew Basso thrilled the audience with a flurry of incredible magic effects.  Live music, dancing, vanishes, appearances and classic escapes filled the stage.  In my opinion, the most memorable and entertaining performances of the evening were served up by Jeff Hobson, the trickster, Adam Kent, the futurist, and Yu Ho-Jin, the manipulator.

Adam Kent demonstrated great creativity with his presentation of "the future of magic."  He utilized appearing canes, D'lites, and card manipulations in a very unique way as he interacted with a screen filled with jaw-dropping visual effects.  Yu Ho-Jin,​ shared his award winning manipulation act with the audience.  He produced cards from nowhere.  After the show, I overheard some of the audience that stated this portion of the evening felt long and boring.  What they failed to understand is that manipulation acts were highlighted in many of the world's most popular magic shows throughout history.  Yu Ho-Jin's rendition of this classic effect was beautiful and modern.  In all my years as a magician, I have never seen a more astounding display of sleight of hand artistry.

Jeff Hobson did a fantastic routine with cards and a volunteer from the audience that kept everyone laughing from start to finish.  What is most fascinating to me is that the method of the routine requires only one move.​  He also performed the classic "egg bag" with a female volunteer and a kicker ending where Jeff produced several watches that were stolen throughout the course of the evening.  During all of Jeff's routine's, his focus was on the audience and making sure that everyone had a great time!  I learned so much by watching his masterful performing skills.

The Illusionists are soon wrapping up the Chicago leg of their tour.  Watch for them to come to Des Moines, Iowa in October and make sure to get your tickets soon!​ 

 This article was written by Magician and balloon entertainer T. J. Regul.  He wants to be your choice for fun, memorable entertainment at birthday parties, family reunions, and company picnics.